Although astrology is not a scientific study, it is considered by many to be an added value to life. Answers to questions can be obtained through astrology and these insights can be used in everyday life. But what is astrology anyway? And how does it work? We’ll explain it to you.

What is astrology?

Astrology is seen as a pseudoscience which means that the results of its statements and actions are not scientifically proven but many people still argue that it works. In astrology, a relationship is found between the distance of different parts in the cosmos and what this says about the inner self. The stars, planets, sun and moon play an important role in astrology.

How does astrology work?

There are several different movement of astrology, all of which work slightly differently. One of the best known is Western astrology. This movement is all about what the position of different planets is and at what angle these planets connect to each other. The different planets that play an important role here are the sun, the moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury. How these planets relate to your zodiac sign can give a good idea about the inner self. Each planet represents a different part of the inner self. The foundation of someone’s character, which includes the way they live, is determined by the sun. When you look at the position of the moon, it can mainly give insights about one’s emotions, feelings and desires. If you want to know more about the way someone communicates or thinks, you should look at the planet Mercury. The planet Mars stands for our pure instincts that come forward in cases such as lust, anger or fear. Finally, the planet Venus represents how an individual handles relationships. This includes all relationships: friendly, business or love relationships.

What insights can astrology provide?

Astrology can be used, for example, to gain insights about your pitfalls but also the things you are good at. In addition, through astrology you can get answers about what motivates you and where your behavior comes from. But with astrology you can also gain insights into whether you and your loved one are compatible. You don’t get along with everyone in your life equally well. Therefore, it is nice to know if you are a good match according to astrology. A synastry report looks at the planets at the time you and your loved one were born. This report is based on the information of the position of the sun and planets at that moment. But if you want a more comprehensive report then it is necessary to know the day, time and place of birth.

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